How to Live with your Remodeling Project

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Your remodeling project is sometimes necessary, especially when it’s long overdue and your home needs some updating. It’s not a small undertaking by any standards, especially when you consider how much money and effort goes in. Remodeling a home is a big commitment of time and money, which is why getting a recommendation about best home remodeling can be very helpful before you make the big decision of changing the look of your house. However, there’s one aspect of a remodeling project that most people fail to consider when they plan it.

You have to live in your home while you remodel it and that can be inconvenient. You can forget simple things like dust-free surfaces, constant access to bathrooms and kitchens, quietness, and privacy. During remodeling, these things are scarce. Planning ahead is essential, to get your kids new twin mattress out of their room before they start in there and get it dirty, getting the dog out of there before he tries to “help” but other than this, how can you maximize your comfort when you have to live with your remodeling project?

Establish a Rapport

Establishing good communication with the remodeler would only make the experience more positive. It will allow you to exchange ideas freely, discuss problems, and improvements with your remodeler. If you make sure that you and the people working on your home are on the same page, the entire project would be easier to live with.

Have a Meeting before the Project Starts

If you have a pre-construction meeting, your remodeler can explain the procedures and their progress through the project. Here you can discuss your requirements and prepare for potential problems. You might want to consider the following points:

  • Clearly designate areas of your home that would be off-limits to the workers.
  • How to handle the house alarm system- would you have someone always present to let the workers in or hand them the key?
  • How to keep children and/or pets away from the workers and areas under construction.
  • How will you handle trash removal? Clearly explain the location of the dumpster on your property.
  • What kind of clean-up do you expect from the remodeler? Would simple sweeping be sufficient or would you require a thorough cleaning done at the end of every day?

Keep a Cool Head

Remodels can be hectic and can turn your home and life upside down for several weeks. The constant activity can be very disruptive. However, you can take some steps to maintain your sanity.

  • Organize a separate, temporary cooking station away from the work area. A microwave, coffeemaker, toaster oven, etc. should be enough.
  • Prepare a place to wash dishes in the laundry room.
  • Have a safe-place away from the noise and chaos where you can escape to.
  • Cover furniture and items that attract dust with sheets, or move them away from the work area.

By following these tips, you can manage to navigate through the hectic road of remodeling and come out smiling at the other end.