DIY – Know When to Hire a Contractor


DIY are fun but can be tricky, knowing when you’re way in over your head could save you thousands of dollars.

Technical know-how, the right tools, financial flexibility and confidence are the four essential aspects of DIY projects. KD Construction and Consulting, a family owned general contracting firm based in Miami, FL, warns DIY homeowners when it’s time to throw in the towel and call a professional.

Deciding on whether to hire a contractor or indulge oneself is crucial. KD Construction and Consulting have great tips that guide the way. “DIY projects are great but I would certainly stay away from plumbing and electrical, because these are incredibly hazardous. Just hire a plumbing company like to fix it for you! You can flood your house or literally blow it up. By trying to save a few hundred dollars you may end paying thousands more,” says Hector DiDonato- Project Manager at KD Construction and Consulting.

Here are some jobs to watch out for:

1- If the work demands fine finishing e.g. spackling and sanding for dry or trim, one should resort to consulting an expert. You’ll need a professional who has mastered this craft over years of experience if you want it to look good.

2- Repairing minor leaks on the roof, fixing shingles, or installing flashing is tricky. You may end up exposing part of the roof to weather and vermin.

3- Anything that involves direct contact with electric supply wires is also dangerous and should be left for someone with proper knowledge on what (s)he doing.

4- Installing water fixtures or plumbing may have consequences if you are not a professional. If pipes are not sealed correctly a slow drip may increase moisture and cause mold growth. If humidity is high, it may spread into your walls and mold inspection and remediation is an expensive process. What’s worse, any bad plumbing that affects to the main water line may result in flooding.

5- Renovating floors may cause major problems. In particular, tile removal releases large amounts of dust and debris. It gets in all your furniture. Make sure you set a budget for cleaning your air ducts because the debris will get sucked in through your vents.

The most helpful advice we can give is to set a budget for errors, this way, if you get in over your head you have the confidence in knowing that you can afford to hire a professional to help you make things right.


KD Construction & Consulting, a general contractor in Miami, FL with 10 years of home renovation and experience. We are licensed, insured and a BBB A+ accredited company.