Fire and Flood Damage Restoration

Your place of business is how you earn your livelihood and create income for you and your family. Yet a fire or flood is a spontaneous and unpredictable disaster that can occur to any business at anytime. Within minutes fire and floods can damage your property and everything in it.  

Fire Damage

It might surprise you to know that some equipment can be salvaged if they are cleaned by a professional before they are used again. Fire and flood damage goes beyond the affected area. For instance, in a fire, the smoke, soot, and water used to extinguish the fire can create the need for special equipment. Once the restoration has been completed through our partners at the Water Restoration Group, we will use our general contractor expertise to reconstruct your business and make it like new.

Flood Damage

Flood damage is a significant threat to South Floridian commercial properties. Reconstruction of a property after it has been affected by water damage takes special expertise. There must be a restoration process before the reconstruction that ensures proper water extraction and mold prevention.This includes the use of special equipment to salvage whatever equipment possible to lessen your loss. Once that foundation is laid out, reconstruction can begin.

Need an Emergency Response Team?

24-7Has your property experienced a flood or fire? Call our partners at The Water Restoration Group for clean-up and remediation.