Damaged Wood Floor

How to spot and treat water damaged wood or laminate floors

Water damage can look ugly on any surface, but it particularly stands out of beautiful hardwood or sleek laminate floors. Any sort of water damage can be harmful and if its allowed to linger longer, it can completely destroy your wood floors. Laminate floors would start to bubble and become bumpy after excessive water damage. The goal is to stop the damage before it becomes excessive, especially in the case of wood, which can be expensive to replace.

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business parks

Why Construction and Reconstruction of Business Parks Matters

Business parks owners create income for themselves and their partners from leasing out that property to other businesses. In case of a fire or any other natural disaster, there can be a lot of damage to the structure. It’s at times such as these that you need to have a company that is accredited and reviewed by the BBB and many others, like KD Construction & Consulting to come and mitigate the damage and maximize the recovery. Continue reading “Why Construction and Reconstruction of Business Parks Matters”

Smoke Damage

A house fire is sadly always possible, kitchen flare ups, closed fireplace flues, electrical fires or even an over cooked dinner can cause them and with this, come issues such as smoke damage and these can wreak havoc on a home. Usually, smoke damage tends to affect a house’s living room or kitchen area. When this type of damage occurs and is not immediately dealt with, homeowners will eventually deal with breathing problems that can especially affect children and older adults. And the longer the problem sits, the more it will soak into walls, carpets and furniture.
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