It doesn’t matter how large or small construction or your home is, even water damage could occur at any moment. Water damage contains three classes and they can lead to a number of water damage triggers. The classes will be as follows:

Category 1:

1 Damage is the point where the origin of the issue stems from a mobile or sanitary origin and can be safe for human ingestion. The water doesn’t pose any risk to your health, so exposure through dermal and your well-being will not be compromised by inhalation. Examples of the sources of the category include irrigation systems, damaged distribution traces and overflowing containers which include water, melt water or rain.

Category 2:

This point of water damage would be really the point where the water is polluted. Exposure for this class can cause illness and distress. Water which falls under Category two is dangerous and contains elevated levels of bacteria and thing including stained urine, compounds, along with seepage. Contaminated water under class 2 is known as water.

Category 3:

This phase is if water is contaminated containing toxigenic and elements. This sort of water is poisonous to people. Exposure may lead to fatality and accidents. Resources of Category 3 Water Damage contain water out of rivers and streams, flooding seawater and sewer copies.

Knowing the kind of water damage is vitally essential so that you’ll know whether it requires water damage restoration. At Restoration One, we’ve got a reputation for getting the work done correctly and on time. Your job will be carried out by us and we’ll work with you each step along the way.